Deep Space Transmission: Fictional Devices

Joining us this week is Fictional Devices, a real-life cyborg living in Ibiza. Working at OpenLab Radio. Mr. Devices takes in a lot of quality music, making him an expert in crafting a killer selection to help you, dear listener, physically or mentally dance away the fears and long days of isolation. The spaceship you will be boarding is a mix of sounds composing the vast emptiness of space, asteroid fields and black holes. Nothing is guaranteed, excepted a thrilling ride from start to finish. Fasten your seatbelts, Fictional Devices is starting up the engines!

Fictional Devices: @fictional-devices
OpenLab Radio: @openlabradio
Discord for electro lovers:

Why is life so strange – Low Tape
S.I.S (Saville’s Radio Jetset Remix) – Solar x Brother Nebula
Vortices – Versalife
Public Expenditure – Cignol
District Nights – Cygnus
PCB – VC-118A/Molhao
Blinky – London Modular Alliance
Lo Res Dreams – Plant43
Ancient Light – ERP
Wasp City – No Moon
MS Plenty – Reptant
Phantom Power – Aux88
Bit Device – Nullptr
Alopex – Nullptr
Phase Shift – Actefy
Funktion Generator (Perko & Solid Blake Remix) – Cyberdine Systems Corp.
Ceres-3 – Datawave
What Now? – Sansibar
We Don’t Take Humas – The Exaltics and Paris The Black Fu

This transmission was initiated by The Last Ronin. Croatian-born and based in Amsterdam, he conceived the idea of Electronic Tesseract. Although he doesn’t produce music himself, the majority of his day revolves around music, whether it be mixing, listening, talking, debating,…

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