Intercepted Sounds: DJ Stingray (Essential Mix BBC 02/03/2019)

We’ve intercepted a beautiful mix of Tesseract inspired sounds from Detroit’s masked menace DJ Stingray. Expertly cut from behind the decks, Stingray builds an ever-changing groove between electro and techno that feels like glittering C-beams from Tannhauser Gate. The track selection is perfect for interstellar war along the frontiers of deep space, where a few moments of apparent breathing room instill the peacefulness of cruising through familiar galaxies. However, the insane transitions transport even the most doubtful back into hyperspace warfare in this emotional, explosion-packed 2-hour rocket ride. It’s not over until DJ Stingray puts down the wax!


Transllusion – Do You Want To Get Down
Illektrolab – Heavy Hitter
Bintus – Cylinder Bop
Cherrieep – Rampant
Digitek Intelligence Assasins – Shock The System
Cosmic Force – Haunted By My Past
K. Scott – Let’s Go Programming
Electrix – Time (Sync 24 Remix)
Plant43 – Dormant Tech
Gareth Wild – Limehouse Cut
Scalameriya – Crucible
Troels B. Knudsen – Concept 2
John King – C C/p
DJ Godfather & DJ Nasty – Be Quiet (Breakdown)
DJ K1 – Back To The Future
Go Nuclear – Time To Party
Troels B. Knudsen – Concept 4
Tommy Holohan – Ask For Absolution
Dax J – Escape The System
Contactless – Cybernetic Jerkin
Go Nuclear – Exotic Dancer
DJ Overdose – Comfort Killer
Unknown – Juxta Position
Chafik Chennouf & Katsunori Sawa – No Divine Saviour (Nene H. Remix)
Kronos Device – The Engine
Silicon – Rules Of Engagement
London Modular Alliance – Tremors
Solid Blake – Warp Room
Volruptus – Alien Transmission
Rebekah – Riot Control
Transllusion – War Of The Clones
Troels B. Knudsen – Concept 7
Sync 24 & Radioactive Man – Elliptical
DJ Shortstop – The Trip
Kronos – Conscious Robots
Hydraulix – Krunk
Luke Eargoggle & KAN3DA – Night Smoker
Partisan Midi – Phono Abduction
Aleksi Perälä – UK74R1824020
Troels B. Knudsen – Concept 6
Traktor – Master Traktor
Surgeon – Rule By Law
Supraman – Supramanram 1500
Scalameriya – Runna 1
Dgf-starski – Freak
Dez Williams – Carkrash Victim
Detroit’s Filthiest – Before I Self Destruct
Dgf – Williams Street
Setaoc Mass – Disrepair
Marco Bernardi & Luke Eargoggle – Rat Wire Chomp
Franck Kartell – Coma
Slaves Of Sinus – People Who Destroy
Versalife – Recombinant Combinations
Andrea – Future Atmo
Drexciya – Cascading Celestial Giants

Favourite signal sequences: Concept 6; Disrepair; Dormant Technology

This transmission was initiated by The Last Ronin. Croatian-born and based in Amsterdam, he conceived the idea of Electronic Tesseract. Although he doesn’t produce music himself, the majority of his day revolves around music, whether it be mixing, listening, talking, debating,…

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