Decoded Transmissions: November 2020

Tesseract-grade transmitted sonics to combat mediocre noise.

E.R.P – Alsoran [Frantic Flowers] [2007]

Jeremiah R. – Imaginary [Voodoo Gold] [2019]

Atom™ -‎ Alias [AtomTM_Audio_Archive] [2019]

Dopplereffekt – Infophysix [Dataphysix Engineering] [1996]

Cygnus – Connection Error [Craigie Knowes] [2020]

Aux 88 – You Don’t Want None Of This [Direct Beat] [2020]

Composite Profuse ‎– Unalaska Ice Files (The Exaltics remix) [Shipwrec] [2016]

Aquatronics – Profuse Elements [A Friend In Need] [2019]

Sepehr – Exit Your Body [Residual Recordings] [2020]

Underground Resistance – The Final Frontier [Underground Resistance] [1992]

The fight against mediocre audio programming continues.

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