Deep Space Transmission: Decoder

This week’s flight course is charted by Decoder, the ET ship’s chief cryptologist and communications expert hailing from Dallas, Texas. A master in the sphere of hypnotic and minimal 4-to-the-floor beats, Decoder is head of Codec Recordings and is taking us through low-intensity gravitational wave fields with some of his favourite tracks – many of which were first discovered in his hometown. Sit back, ladies and gentlemen, and enjoy the sonic journey of deep time-bending electro.

Decoder: @iamdecoder

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Aleksi Perälä – NL-L56-19-08696
Mariel Ito – Kepler 186B
Albert van Abbe – NCS0010050611 (Convextion Remodel)
Blixaboy – Detroit Steel (Plant43 Remix)
The Exaltics – The Crash
Dopplereffekt – Superior Race
AUX 88 – Alias
DJ Stingray – Hypoalgesia
E.R.P. – Wishing Still
Carl Finlow – Hashtag
Drexciya – Water Walker
The Exaltics – Skyway Chase
Tensal vs Komatssu – Finite In Nature
Textasy – Bustanut
Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code – The Repo Man
The Exaltics – Tunnel Chase
Tensal – Hexagram
Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman (Rave Yard Mix)
Cygnus – Connection Error

This transmission was initiated by The Last Ronin. Croatian-born and based in Amsterdam, he conceived the idea of Electronic Tesseract. Although he doesn’t produce music himself, the majority of his day revolves around music, whether it be mixing, listening, talking, debating,…

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