Review: Feral – L’Aube Rouge

Label: Aube Rouge (AUBE001)
Release Date: December 2020

Alessandro Barchitta, better known as Feral, is an Italian electronic musician known for his signature deep, atmospheric, and spiritual take on techno. After many successful releases on the renowned label Hypnus Records, he has solidified his name in the underground techno scene.

Feral has recently started up his new imprint “Aube Rouge” with debut EP “L’Aube Rouge”. It consists of four distinct songs that explore a variety of textures and rhythms that encompass a unique hypnotic yet driving sound.

Opening the EP is the title track, “L’Aube Rouge”. Comprised of washed out basslines, shuffling hi hats, and bouncy 808 drums, it creates a mesmerizing soundscape that hypnotizes the listener. The second track, “Oeil Tribal”, is a simple yet effective track, with percussive hits and droning pads that accompany the drum pattern. The way the percussion is used in the song is able to further develop a humanized groove that accents the robotic drumline beautifully.

Kicking off the B side is Négatif. It is an emotionally tinged, effect heavy track with hypnotic loops that bring the listener in, and personally my favorite on the EP. A great way to start the B side off and keep things fresh. Finishing the track is a trippy ambient piece titled “Rêve”. While it touches on similar elements from B1, it remains distinct through its poly-metric rhythms and pitched down pads that creates a drowsy effect, making me feel like I’ve just landed on Mars as the sun is setting.

L’Aube Rouge will be available both digitally and on vinyl.

Previews of L’Aube Rouge


A1. L’Aube Rouge

A2. Oeil Tribal

B1. Négatif

B2. Rêve

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