Deep Space Transmission: Subzero

This week’s cruise captain is a cold explorer known in select circles as Subversive. A veteran of the techno scene, Subversive curated a monthly club night in LA and contributed to labels such as Northern Parallels, proving his talent both as a DJ and as a producer. However, planet Earth was not enough. Born with an ice fascination, Subversive decided to push for the cold reaches of Space. The mission demanded he let go of his human form and embrace a new robot body to be able to withstand the harsh temperatures of frozen planets. Now known as Subzero, this analog (!!!) cyborg brings melodies that construct the most beautiful landscapes reminiscent of his cold explorations. Combining the soothing sonics of a smooth ice surface with claps and snares reminding of freezing harsh winds and pointy ice shards, Subzero’s Tesseract-grade waveforms cannot leave you motionless!

Find Subzero in these domains:

Discord for electro lovers:

Obergman – Universal Hologram – Borft Recs
Aquatronics – Ocean Myst – Magnonic Signals
Turk Turkelton – X Stanione – Lunar Orbiter Program
Kosh – She Gets Mad – 20/20 Vision
Stojche – Conflict – Constant Records
Noamm – Signal Error – Electro Transmissions
Music For The Other People Place – B2 – Fundamental Records
Moy – Helicorpion – Acidlab
Jensen Interceptor x Assembler code – Red Cell – 20/20 Vision
Electro Nation – Shipwrecked – Electrocute Soundplates
NGA – Dreams of Empty Spaces – Suborder
Moodex – Persistence – Distorted Sensory Perception
Corporeal Face – Mike Banks Bus Pass – Further Electronix
Detroit’s Filthiest – Most Expensivest – Philthtrax
Detoroit’s Filthiest – Ganster of Love – RotterHague Records
Quadratschulz – Peer Pressure – Djak-Up-Bitch
Cygnus – She Work It All Night – Electro Records
Aux88 – Moon Walker – Detroit Bass Classics
Alex Jann – Computoid​.​Transmission​.​X [Animistic Beliefs Electric Eye Mix] – Censor Music
The Exaltics and Heinrich Mueller – Wissenschaft Der Zukunft (feat Paris the Black Fu) – Solar One Music

This transmission was initiated by The Last Ronin. Croatian-born and based in Amsterdam, he conceived the idea of Electronic Tesseract. Although he doesn’t produce music himself, the majority of his day revolves around music, whether it be mixing, listening, talking, debating,…

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