Deep Space Transmission 05 – Vivian Blush

This week, our crew is honored to be in the presence of the robot-girl Vivian Blush. Boasting powerful hydraulics, Vivian uses them to conjure fast-paced sound assaults, shifting tectonic plates on the target planet in ways not yet perceived by the inhabitants. The journey you are bout to embark on is no different. The soundscape reminds one of a cold, surgical setting, where even the slightest, brisk perturbations result in bodies magically moving in patterns as if it were a dancefloor. It is highly recommended to clear your immediate physical surroundings, as the Tesseractian soundwaves compiled by Vivian Blush WILL make you go wild!

Find Vivian here:

Discord for electro lovers:


Komka – Machine
Eluize – Supposed
Heidi Sabertooth – Inside Out
Dyslecta – B&H Black
Umwelt – Shut Up And Dance
CT Kidobó & LAU – XTC
IXRQ – Teleporter
Lårry – Bias Point
MRD – The South
Arsonist Recorder – Another Moon
object blue & TSVI – Turing Machine
Chino – Autostrada
Alessandro Adriani & Cosimo Damiano – Riot Surfers
False Persona – Subtraction
Sepehr – Darklord.wav
Mekas – Dynamo
Cyan85 – Cyber Rage
Mekas – Spinal Infoplex
Maelstrom – Archaea
Sinusoidal – Basis Volatility

The fight against mediocre audio programming continues.

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