Deep Space Transmission 07 – Saboteur

Dear Tesseractian,

thank You for tuning in to the sounds of the underground! Every listen, like and comment we received spawned a lot of enthusiasm to pursue this dream further; a dream of a small, independent blog. It all started with the formation of ET in November 2020, and has spawned a beautiful collaboration with electro artists and/or enthusiasts all over the world. We will strive to perfect our deliveries, writeups and interviews further into the following year, to bring You our synesthetic vision of music even closer to heart. This mix serves as a symbolic farewell to the tragicomedy known as 2020. We hope that all of You are safe and healthy, and that 2021 will be a year of prosperity and happiness for You and Your loved ones. Much love, and a thank You once more for supporting us.

ET crew

A final shot to 2020’s dome will be delivered by the station’s renegade, the mysterious Saboteur. His boldness to access and ride dangerous frequencies banned in the mainstream information channels led to Saboteur’s label as a “sonic terrorist” by the interstellar government. A true disciple of the Old Masters, he presents a collage of a novel interpretation of hidden audiophile gems, melding them together in a smooth transitional experience from the known Earths to the hidden reaches and frontiers of Space. Rise up, fellow animatronic beauties, against the false prophets of sound and follow the unseen master Saboteur into the unknown called 2021.

Find Saboteur here: @saboteurex
Discord for electro lovers:

Xon – Dissonance
Ectomorph – Insert Another Data Disk
Energize – Report to the Dance Floor (electro mix)
Detroit’s Filthiest – Torture Chamber (remix)
Gesloten Cirkel ‎- Zombiemaschine Acid
Alien FM – Out There (K-1 mix)
UR – Electronic Warfare (the original)
Posatronix – 142 MPH
AUX88 – Control
Drexciya – Living on the Edge
DJ Dijital – I am Morpheus
Plastikman – Helicopter
Ultradyne – Dr Blowfin’s Experiment (XIX mix)
Chaos – Afrogermanic
AUX88 – The Flight
Nexus 21 – Can you feel the beat
Luke Eargoggle – I belong to the past
Hell – Suicide Commando
Transllusion – Power of the 3rd Brain
Cybotron – Techno City
The Advent – Elektra Fix
James Ruskin – Untitled (Prevention beyond cause)
Ron Morelli – Put your head on the floor
Cristian Vogel – SKX Engine Undercover
Shape Changer – Welcome Change
Martian – Visual Contact
Drexciya – Birth of New Life

The fight against mediocre audio programming continues.

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