Deep Space Transmission 08 – boxofbox

Starting off 2021, we’re joined by boxofbox, a scholar and curator of Tesseractian sounds. Amassing a huge collection of sounds through meticulously scanning sources of signal oscillations, he travelled all the way to our space station to help us ease our transitions from fragile biological bodies into engineered hybrids of man and machine; all done to help the ever more difficult search for sonic Truth. Beware, the journey ahead is very prone to execute the “funk on the dancefloor” protocol. Our advice is to heed the Program’s call, and dance to another transmission from deep space. Keep it real, keep it underground!

Find boxofbox here:

Discord for electro lovers:

The Exaltics – The Arrival
Atom™ – Acidsexmagic
CVBOX & MICHA FREIER – Work that Cat
Jasen Loveland – Paranoid Raver (4AM Curfew Mix)
Locked Club – Doschitai
Zeta Reticula – Solar Analogs
Gian – Purple Burglar
Reptant – The Raid
No Moon – CPU Limit 99
DJ Overdose – Time I Get Nasty
Fred 4 – Do It From The Back (Electro Mixx)
Anz – Invitation 2 Dance
Liquid Earth – A Little Nucleus (Liquid Earth Remix)
Junq – From Below
Dj RFR – Cum On
James Shinra – Gritti
Aden – Blow
DJ Frankie – Shake it
Arctor – Exploding Head Syndrome
DJ これからの緊急災害 – D A Y T 0 N A 5 0 0
Maelstrom – Lest We Inhale
Luz1e – Dynamix
Space Dimension Controller – Welcome to Mikrosector-50

The fight against mediocre audio programming continues.

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