Deep Space Transmission 09 – Dataphon

Introducing Dataphon, the galaxy famous entertainment expert! Operating on a custom ROM to support retro-style emulation, this android is fascinated by the musical aspect of videogames of forgotten times. Crafting ingenious ways to access and distribute long-forgotten synthetic frequencies accompanying pixelated time sinks, he arrived on station HOME to alleviate us from the long hours of idling while awaiting signs of the Tesseract to appear on our monitors. Oh, did we mention he brought some Tesseractian samples with him, gathered from his illustrious work travels? Throw in a spice of some good ole’ homemade tinkering, and you’ve got a recipe for a bombastic show better than any game coded so far. Dataphon, everybody!

Find Dataphon here:

Discord for electro lovers:

Dataphon – 2005
=UHU= – Baji
AS1 – Robot Sex Freak
Audiogenetics – Perox Membrane
Heinrich Dressel – The Dark Side
Sonar Base – The Deadly Storms Of Uranus
Dataphon – Quantenschaum
VCS2600 – Autopilot (Remix)
Cygnus – Make The Brain Relax
Faceless Mind – Drakskeppet
8Bit Rockers – Mit Seinerm Komputer
Der Zyklus – Eigenface (Satellites Mash-Up by Dataphon)
Franck Kartell – Palingenesis
Gosub – Eyes Of Nimrud
Labyrinthine – Alas Vastatoris
Gary Gritness – The Payback
Creepy Autograph – You Look So Sexy (Body)
Hyboid – Trip To NGC891
Dataphon+CVBox – Organic Life

The fight against mediocre audio programming continues.

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