Deep Space Transmission 11 – filozof


“The Universe is nothing but a shadow of itself”, says the enigmatic figure while taking a large drag from a cigarette. “We, as humans, cannot see all the beauties it has to offer. Our limit is our design: Our ears cannot hear the True Frequencies, only their phantasms. This is why we wi-“
“This is why we will never find the Tesseract, yadda, yadda… Get to the point, boss, we don’t have all day”, said Ronin. “You are trying to tell us that we have to upgrade? To lose our humanity to see the Truth?”
filozof smiled, for he knew his companion figured it out. “Yes, Ronin, but not lose humanity, you need to transcend it. Here, I brought with me some sounds which would destroy ordinary humans. Luckily, as I understand it, all of you have pre-existing modifications on your bodies, correct?”
“Correct”, confirmed Ronin.
“Excellent, then I shall push your fragile, cyborg bodies to their limits”

Find filozof here: @jean-baptiste-clamence
Discord for electro lovers:


L.F.T. – Flare
Rogue Filter – That’s Right
False Persona – Orbit
Baby Val & Paco Pack – Bloody Skies
Ole Mic Odd – Acid Turbo
Cyan85 – 4 Ma C – Borgs
DMX Krew – What Happened to Peace?
Cybonix – Shake Your Body
Cyrk – Obsession (Original Mix)
Dagga – Scorpion Season Part 1.
Plant43 – Dormant Technology
AnyAct – Gradjane
Maelstorm – Smoker
The Exaltics – The Freefall
Locked Club – Bird Up
Dexter – No More
Fastgraph – Systematic
Skuum – Forza
Reptant – Lizard of Oz
Galaxian – Repent
Gesloten Cirkel – Submit – X
Paul Blackford – Fallout
AS1 – Superior Robots
Hermeth – Strictly Acid

The fight against mediocre audio programming continues.

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