Deep Space Transmission 12 – HBC

They say that one should work hard, and play harder. The Tesseract Crew is hard at work searching for the right Frequencies, so they deserve a little break here and there. HBC came all the way from the Outer Realm to set up a party for us. They also say that once you do it, you should do it right. This is why he is here. From rugged earthly warehouses to gassy dancefloors of Jupiter comes the best party visionary in the galaxy has seen. He can turn even the abandoned and lonely parts of the Universe into a wild frenzy full of magical moments forgotten in a haze of hedonism. He’s that good… Oh shit, he brought some tapes as well!?! Guess the ET crew is done with work for the day, and you know what that means… HBC, take the wheel!

Find HBC here: @klyovah
Discord for electro lovers:

1. DJ Seinfeld – Sakura
2. No Moon – Breakpoints
3. Pearson Sound – Alien Mode
4. EMS – Get Ghetto
5. DJ Deeon, Jensen Interceptor – Sweat
6. Ultratubes – Flipkick
7. Tom Flynn – Nitez
8. Truss, Sync24 – Tri-gate
9. Volruptus – Alien Transmission
10. Twilight 22 – Electric Kingdom
11. Paul Blackford – 1991
12. Sync24, Deixis – Ah Ah Ah
13. Random XS – Give Your Body (Delta Funktionen 3AM Mix)
14. Franck Sarrio – Robotic Invasion
15. Mandroid – Anti-Gravity Machines (Aux 88 Remix)
16. Jensen Interceptor – Bubble Boy
17. Turk Turkleton – N.I.T.N.T.
18. DeFeKT – Move
19. Dynarec – Moving Corridor
20. Demuja – Power to the People
21. Casper Hastings – Renegade Rizla
22. DJ Overdose – Brain Compartments
23. Afroman – Tall Cans

The fight against mediocre audio programming continues.

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