Deep Space Transmission 13 – Best Buy Guyd, HBC & filozof

The three riders of the Apocalypse cooked up a nasty show for the Interplanetary Radio known as KSET. Located near the Martinovka Nebula, KSET is a place fueled by a radical ideology: let’s make something creative while having a blast! Starting off with a selector approach of homebrews mixed with foreign fruits, the rogue AI of many aliases known as Best Buy Guyd lights the first torch of the event. HBC continues with an expose of seismic bangers and potential differentials to electrify the crowd with a neatly crafted set. filozof steps up afterwards to join HBC in a trip to Old Earth and its ghettos with a glimpse of raw sexuality expressed in graphical lyrics and funky beats. Finally, filozof continues the journey alone and finishes off the show with a heavy hand of music inspirations from his favourite DJ’s and discoveries through countless hours of digging. Our advice is too click on any point in the show and let the gentleborgs take you on a journey spanning many emotions fluxing through the music which are not going away until the blood-oil stops pumping through our bodies!

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Zagrebacki Električni – I dalje
Altered Natives – Daddy’s Gone
Anker – Danke (Part 3 Edit)
House Of Black Lanterns – Midnight Caller
Zagrebacki Električni – IchiNi Cki Cni
FUSE – Logikal Nonsense
Cutmaster T – ZGO Heavy Flow (RFMN Remastered Bootleg)
The Exaltics – 00022.53.0.2
Reggata – Medicine Women
The Exaltics –
2ndBestMen – Pumpido
Star Safari – Space Junk Sifter
Hawaiian Surfer – Elliptical Galaxy
Mia Zabelka & Philippe Petit – Mia’s Ghost
Separate Signal – First Zillion
Reggata- Yesmen
Zagrebački Električni – Bojler
Zagrebački Električni – Ukratko
DJ K1 – Just Don’t Understand (Global Darkness EP – Creme Classics 03)
Detroit Grand Pubahs – Public Announcement
EMGEac – ZG State of Mind
Detroit Grand Pubahs – Jealous of a Dead Man
Danny Notter – Livin’ Like There’s Always Tomorrow
Above The Law – Set Free
Brassica – Wryders
Off The Meds – Belter
Haider – Levitate
Sansibar – Nolla
PinballSpider – Angler Squid
Textasy/Dj Di’jital – Deja Vu Bass
Aloka – XTX3
DJ Boneyard – That’s Right
Fastgraph – Zero in On You
Partiboi69 – Hit Tha Brakes
The Operator – Localhost Pt 2
MCR-T – Stxxpid Dumb
Volruptus – Tesseract
Cyan85 – Bassturbation
Body Mechanic ft. B. Calloway – I Wanna
Hyperqub3 – Kronos Deice
Turrk Turkelton – Rock It
Sansibar – Used To Live In Detroit (Boy Toy)
DJ MELL G – Funky Papi
Bitch Ass Darius – Get it Right
? – Let Em Buck
Dj Rashad – Ride This Dick
Traxman – Burn Da Roof
Typhonic – Take It Off
? – Shake That Butt
B. Calloway – Jit Beat 2
DJ Assault – Shake It Baby
DJ Godfather – Let’s Jit
SALOME – Internet Ghost
Sync24 & Radioactive Man – Eliptical
Detroit’s Filthiest – My Soul to Take
Amadeezy – Xplosive
DJ Boneyard – Antipodean (Original Mix)
Kronos Device – Below The Surface [Dynamik Bass System Remix]
Gosub – Love from Planet X
Chris McCormack – What Kind of Sound (Pt.1)
Plant43 – Dormant Technology
Pollon – Lost Souls (Mix)
Assembler Code – Simulant
Volruptus – Juggernaut Cosmonaut
Skuum – FORZA
Locked Club ft. RLGN – Nega Arashi
Locked Club – Punk Nasvegda
Aaron Carl – Down (Electro mix)
False Persona – Subtraction
Hermeth – Chameleon (DJ Frankie Remix)
O – Wells – Park Jit
The Aquanauts – Relentless (Xpect No Mercy Mix)
Assembler Code – Outer Trace
Floating Points – Bias (Mayfield Depot Mix)

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