Deep Space Transmission 14 – issu

issu is a curious being. Hailing from a distant world located near the supermassive black hole Nuru’s event horizon, fighting against the fundamental forces of the Universe to survive is a core part of their experience. Therefore, it’s no surprise that his sound is shaped by a crushing change in oscillations, vibrations and soundwave densities to bring about a dark and pounding rhythm to sweaty bodies on the d-floor. Combining sounds crafted in forges of his home planet with deep space discoveries, issu helped the ET crew navigate through dangerous gravity pockets of Junuta on their journey to Truth. All while providing a kickass soundtrack full of wisdom embued with their heritage: a perceived moment can be eternal.

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Umwelt – Don’t Trust
88756 – Robots and Humans Alike
Dj Di’jital – CrackWorld
Interviews – Miami String
Fluctuosa – Lobe Battery
Isolated Material – Locked Phase
AFQ – Eleusinian Blade
Electro Magnetism – The Hidden Persuader
Aux 88 – Play It Loud
Human-Error Processor – Proxyan
Univac – Mandelbrot Set
Ben Pest – More Horrors
Terrestrial Access Network – Sentient Substance
Francois Dillinger – Sit And Wait (Detroit’s Filthiest Remix)
Serge Geyzel – Illegal
issu – Unreleased
Sync 24 & Radioactive Man – Eliptical
issu – Unreleased

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