Intercepted Sounds: Cyan 85

Young cyborg who goes by the alias “Cyan 85” released an amazing compilation of sounds on the intergalactic frequency exchange area “HÖR BERLIN“. Binding the old skool with the freshness of youth, Mr. 85 delivers a series of punchy sounds, Drexciyan basslines, and funky melodies.

Cyan 85 is not only versed in building a narrative but he also delivers on the producing grounds. Our favourite frequencies are Set It Out, Bay of Sampieri, and Bassturbation as the ultimate dancefloor smasher.

For the rest of Mr. 85’s repertoire, check out his SoundCloud, as well as BandCamp! We leave you with a link to a ghetto delight of an EP in which Mr. 85 participated as well. It is a great gateway to other greats in the genre, such as Amadeezy, Textasy and others. See you in the Underground!

Transmitted by Last Ronin, the monster crawling in the underground refuge.

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