The Manifesto

Reality’s grasp is getting weaker with every waking moment.

As we march towards Heaven’s gates, the path beneath us is crumbling into a pit where all meaning, all connection, all experience is absent, and love is an alien concept.

Humanity’s fight for this world has been called into question. Consumption, ownership, avarice, the allure of possession has driven us to the brink of madness.

We slowly incorporate the material into the ethereal, disturbing harmony, as we distribute portions of our untruth onto this gossamer reality.

Electronic Tesseract is a lifeline extending the spirit of musical creativity to the reach of those of us wandering helplessly in the dark.

A salvation guide of electronic-technological sounds – the sonics between here and the upper cosmos.

Inspiring with real and uncompromising sound, we’ll explore electro’s history and philosophy, artists’ thoughts, the music, DJ sets and more to awaken you, sleeper, into the Tesseract.

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