Intercepted Sounds: Paul du Lac [Live in Rotterdam 2004]

A tachyon signal from 2004, location Bedrijvenpark Noord-west, Rotterdam, has been intercepted. It’s found to carry electro master beats from Paul du Lac, a turntable titan who tunes the airwaves with the likes of Model 500, DJ Bone, Dijital, Chaos and many more. This is a treat for your soul. Our mobile satellite reports: PaulContinue reading “Intercepted Sounds: Paul du Lac [Live in Rotterdam 2004]”

Intercepted Sounds: DJ Stingray [Tresor 30 Live from the Vault]

The patron saint of electro’s future returns for Tresor’s 30th anniversary! This intercepted industrial future funk chaos comes from HÖR BERLIN – stewards of fresh electronic sounds. A heavy sonic barrage of electro-techno that illustrates the banging soundscape of the current generation. A sheer delight and masterclass in d-floor-focussed mixing. Our mobile satellite reports: StingrayContinue reading “Intercepted Sounds: DJ Stingray [Tresor 30 Live from the Vault]”

Intercepted Sounds: Umwelt [Ravoluson mix]

We’ve intercepted a chaotic signal from French electro warrior Umwelt for your sonic addiction. A dark, nightmarish audio assault – banging industrial drums, rave-infused synth-lines – that will rocket ride you to the Dark Dominion of Dormammu and back. Prepare for spiritual oblivion. Our reconnaissance cyborg reports Umwelt has releases on Midnight Shift, Satamile, NewContinue reading “Intercepted Sounds: Umwelt [Ravoluson mix]”

Deep Space Transmission 11 – filozof

[INTERNAL STATION COMMUNICATION. DO NOT DISTRIBUTE]…“The Universe is nothing but a shadow of itself”, says the enigmatic figure while taking a large drag from a cigarette. “We, as humans, cannot see all the beauties it has to offer. Our limit is our design: Our ears cannot hear the True Frequencies, only their phantasms. This isContinue reading “Deep Space Transmission 11 – filozof”

Decoded Transmissions: January 2021

Tesseract-grade sonics as recommended by the underground. Cyan85 – Bay Of Sampieri Microlith – Mahta The Other People Place – Let me be me Dexter – No More Paul Villard – Submarine Limousine Wavefile – Dayjob Andy Garvey – This Silence Is False (Tred Remix) Biochip – Mind Bubbles Baby Val & Paco Pack –Continue reading “Decoded Transmissions: January 2021”

Deep Space Transmission 10 – Blixaboy

Enter Blixaboy! A futuroid galactic herald and stalwart figurehead of the electro and techno scene of North Texas USA, whose cosmic operating system is tuned for pounding deep machine beats. He’s released on CPU, Audiophile, his own imprint Stereo On Strike, and others under his various aliases. Lending his particular set of computational skills toContinue reading “Deep Space Transmission 10 – Blixaboy”

Focus On: Blak Tony (Alien FM, AUX88, Scan 7)

Tune your AUX minds to FM with Anthony “Blak Tony” Horton, one of Detroit’s legendary electronic pioneers. His music and that with groups AUX88, Scan 7 and Alien FM has helped shape the electro and techno soundscape, as well as usher in a new age of listeners with re-releases of classic AUX88 EPs, the ‘Counterparts’Continue reading “Focus On: Blak Tony (Alien FM, AUX88, Scan 7)”

Deep Space Transmission 09 – Dataphon

Introducing Dataphon, the galaxy famous entertainment expert! Operating on a custom ROM to support retro-style emulation, this android is fascinated by the musical aspect of videogames of forgotten times. Crafting ingenious ways to access and distribute long-forgotten synthetic frequencies accompanying pixelated time sinks, he arrived on station HOME to alleviate us from the long hoursContinue reading “Deep Space Transmission 09 – Dataphon”