Deep Space Transmission 08 – boxofbox

Starting off 2021, we’re joined by boxofbox, a scholar and curator of Tesseractian sounds. Amassing a huge collection of sounds through meticulously scanning sources of signal oscillations, he travelled all the way to our space station to help us ease our transitions from fragile biological bodies into engineered hybrids of man and machine; all doneContinue reading “Deep Space Transmission 08 – boxofbox”

Deep Space Transmission 07 – Saboteur

Dear Tesseractian, thank You for tuning in to the sounds of the underground! Every listen, like and comment we received spawned a lot of enthusiasm to pursue this dream further; a dream of a small, independent blog. It all started with the formation of ET in November 2020, and has spawned a beautiful collaboration withContinue reading “Deep Space Transmission 07 – Saboteur”

Decoded Transmissions: December 2020

Tesseract-grade sonics as recommended by the underground. No Moon – Set Phasers to Stun Tensal vs Komatssu – Finite In Nature Drexciya – Lost Vessel Wedding Acid Group – Chocoball 707 Cignol – Modularity Turk Turkelton – N.I.T.N.T. Cignol – Virtual Array Cyan85 – Aquasma Plant43 – Dormant Technology Kraftwerk – Expo 2000 (Kling KlangContinue reading “Decoded Transmissions: December 2020”

Deep Space Transmission 05 – Vivian Blush

This week, our crew is honored to be in the presence of the robot-girl Vivian Blush. Boasting powerful hydraulics, Vivian uses them to conjure fast-paced sound assaults, shifting tectonic plates on the target planet in ways not yet perceived by the inhabitants. The journey you are bout to embark on is no different. The soundscapeContinue reading “Deep Space Transmission 05 – Vivian Blush”

Intercepted Sounds: Tensal [Reclaim Your City Mix]

We’ve intercepted an unadulterated broadcast from Austrian techno legend Tensal via Rinse FM for your listening pleasure. A cyber symphony of banging four-to-the-floor drums and driving synthwork to wake you up and keep you moving – no matter where you are in the universe. Intel shows Tensal has had releases on Modularz, Soma, Mord, andContinue reading “Intercepted Sounds: Tensal [Reclaim Your City Mix]”

Review: AUX88 – Counterparts

Label: Direct Beat Classics (DBC-001DLP) Release Date: January 2020 In January 2020 AD, the Detroit electro quartet AUX88 dropped their first new studio album in ten years – sonically cementing new takes on electro heavy on bass, funk and techno. Consisting of members Blak Tony, DJ K-1, Posatronix and Tom Tom, AUX88 titled the albumContinue reading “Review: AUX88 – Counterparts”

Deep Space Transmission: Subzero

This week’s cruise captain is a cold explorer known in select circles as Subversive. A veteran of the techno scene, Subversive curated a monthly club night in LA and contributed to labels such as Northern Parallels, proving his talent both as a DJ and as a producer. However, planet Earth was not enough. Born withContinue reading “Deep Space Transmission: Subzero”

Deep Space Transmission: Last Ronin

Your guide to deep space this week is none other than the Last Ronin – an Amsterdam-based electronaut and the progenitor of Electronic Tesseract. Like his samurai namesake, Ronin takes a bushido stance to spacious hypnotic electro, cutting tracks that bleed cool. Sit back for this one, young grasshopper, as Ronin takes you through aContinue reading “Deep Space Transmission: Last Ronin”

Intercepted Sounds: Plant 43 [FOLD X Cultivated Electronics]

A dream-stream originating in London has been intercepted, identified as Plant 43, and re-broadcast to keep you sane. This live mix of interstellar machine splendour disseminates a hypnotic crawling beat-scape of sublime electro vibrations perfect for cruising cyber cities and any romantic rendezvous late at night. Intel suggests Plant 43 has released over 100 tracksContinue reading “Intercepted Sounds: Plant 43 [FOLD X Cultivated Electronics]”

Review: Feral – L’Aube Rouge

Label: Aube Rouge (AUBE001) Release Date: December 2020 Alessandro Barchitta, better known as Feral, is an Italian electronic musician known for his signature deep, atmospheric, and spiritual take on techno. After many successful releases on the renowned label Hypnus Records, he has solidified his name in the underground techno scene. Feral has recently started upContinue reading “Review: Feral – L’Aube Rouge”