Deep Space Transmission 05 – Vivian Blush

This week, our crew is honored to be in the presence of the robot-girl Vivian Blush. Boasting powerful hydraulics, Vivian uses them to conjure fast-paced sound assaults, shifting tectonic plates on the target planet in ways not yet perceived by the inhabitants. The journey you are bout to embark on is no different. The soundscapeContinue reading “Deep Space Transmission 05 – Vivian Blush”

Intercepted Sounds: Tensal [Reclaim Your City Mix]

We’ve intercepted an unadulterated broadcast from Austrian techno legend Tensal via Rinse FM for your listening pleasure. A cyber symphony of banging four-to-the-floor drums and driving synthwork to wake you up and keep you moving – no matter where you are in the universe. Intel shows Tensal has had releases on Modularz, Soma, Mord, andContinue reading “Intercepted Sounds: Tensal [Reclaim Your City Mix]”

Deep Space Transmission: Subzero

This week’s cruise captain is a cold explorer known in select circles as Subversive. A veteran of the techno scene, Subversive curated a monthly club night in LA and contributed to labels such as Northern Parallels, proving his talent both as a DJ and as a producer. However, planet Earth was not enough. Born withContinue reading “Deep Space Transmission: Subzero”

Deep Space Transmission: Last Ronin

Your guide to deep space this week is none other than the Last Ronin – an Amsterdam-based electronaut and the progenitor of Electronic Tesseract. Like his samurai namesake, Ronin takes a bushido stance to spacious hypnotic electro, cutting tracks that bleed cool. Sit back for this one, young grasshopper, as Ronin takes you through aContinue reading “Deep Space Transmission: Last Ronin”

Intercepted Sounds: Plant 43 [FOLD X Cultivated Electronics]

A dream-stream originating in London has been intercepted, identified as Plant 43, and re-broadcast to keep you sane. This live mix of interstellar machine splendour disseminates a hypnotic crawling beat-scape of sublime electro vibrations perfect for cruising cyber cities and any romantic rendezvous late at night. Intel suggests Plant 43 has released over 100 tracksContinue reading “Intercepted Sounds: Plant 43 [FOLD X Cultivated Electronics]”

Deep Space Transmission: Decoder

This week’s flight course is charted by Decoder, the ET ship’s chief cryptologist and communications expert hailing from Dallas, Texas. A master in the sphere of hypnotic and minimal 4-to-the-floor beats, Decoder is head of Codec Recordings and is taking us through low-intensity gravitational wave fields with some of his favourite tracks – many ofContinue reading “Deep Space Transmission: Decoder”

Intercepted Sounds: DJ Stingray (Essential Mix BBC 02/03/2019)

We’ve intercepted a beautiful mix of Tesseract inspired sounds from Detroit’s masked menace DJ Stingray. Expertly cut from behind the decks, Stingray builds an ever-changing groove between electro and techno that feels like glittering C-beams from Tannhauser Gate. The track selection is perfect for interstellar war along the frontiers of deep space, where a fewContinue reading “Intercepted Sounds: DJ Stingray (Essential Mix BBC 02/03/2019)”

Deep Space Transmission: Fictional Devices

Joining us this week is Fictional Devices, a real-life cyborg living in Ibiza. Working at OpenLab Radio. Mr. Devices takes in a lot of quality music, making him an expert in crafting a killer selection to help you, dear listener, physically or mentally dance away the fears and long days of isolation. The spaceship youContinue reading “Deep Space Transmission: Fictional Devices”

Deep Space Transmission: The Lone Flanger (Jasen Loveland)

The psychedelic visionary, Jasen Loveland, joins us for the first Deep Space Transmission. An artist known (and unknown) by many names. This mix has been curated under his Lone Flanger alias, in which he takes us through a collection of his own tracks, both released and unreleased. All of the tracks have been produced sinceContinue reading “Deep Space Transmission: The Lone Flanger (Jasen Loveland)”