Review: Aura Nox – Levana’s Tears

A testament to humanity’s ability to make the Gods weep. Aura Nox delivers a harsh criticism aimed at the imminent dystopia resulting from humanity’s self-serving agenda. Immediately invoking the cry of Levana in the project’s title, the mirror image of our failure is reflected through water on her face: colonialism, exploitation, environmental degradation, oppression…  Continue reading “Review: Aura Nox – Levana’s Tears”

Decoded Transmissions: May 2021

Tesseract-grade sonics as recommended by the underground. Zeta Reticula – Formation of Life DJ D’ijital – Electro Hop II John Selway – Stars in the Gutter Way Out West – Dancehall Tornado OM Unit – Treading Earth OCB – Corrupted Minds Dopplereffekt – Telescope Array DJ Overdose – Kekko Multipolar Scenarios – Obergman Gosub –Continue reading “Decoded Transmissions: May 2021”

Decoded Transmissions: January 2021

Tesseract-grade sonics as recommended by the underground. Cyan85 – Bay Of Sampieri Microlith – Mahta The Other People Place – Let me be me Dexter – No More Paul Villard – Submarine Limousine Wavefile – Dayjob Andy Garvey – This Silence Is False (Tred Remix) Biochip – Mind Bubbles Baby Val & Paco Pack –Continue reading “Decoded Transmissions: January 2021”

Decoded Transmissions: December 2020

Tesseract-grade sonics as recommended by the underground. No Moon – Set Phasers to Stun Tensal vs Komatssu – Finite In Nature Drexciya – Lost Vessel Wedding Acid Group – Chocoball 707 Cignol – Modularity Turk Turkelton – N.I.T.N.T. Cignol – Virtual Array Cyan85 – Aquasma Plant43 – Dormant Technology Kraftwerk – Expo 2000 (Kling KlangContinue reading “Decoded Transmissions: December 2020”

Review: AUX88 – Counterparts

Label: Direct Beat Classics (DBC-001DLP) Release Date: January 2020 In January 2020 AD, the Detroit electro quartet AUX88 dropped their first new studio album in ten years – sonically cementing new takes on electro heavy on bass, funk and techno. Consisting of members Blak Tony, DJ K-1, Posatronix and Tom Tom, AUX88 titled the albumContinue reading “Review: AUX88 – Counterparts”

Review: Feral – L’Aube Rouge

Label: Aube Rouge (AUBE001) Release Date: December 2020 Alessandro Barchitta, better known as Feral, is an Italian electronic musician known for his signature deep, atmospheric, and spiritual take on techno. After many successful releases on the renowned label Hypnus Records, he has solidified his name in the underground techno scene. Feral has recently started upContinue reading “Review: Feral – L’Aube Rouge”

Decoded Transmissions: November 2020

Tesseract-grade transmitted sonics to combat mediocre noise. E.R.P – Alsoran [Frantic Flowers] [2007] Jeremiah R. – Imaginary [Voodoo Gold] [2019] Atom™ -‎ Alias [AtomTM_Audio_Archive] [2019] Dopplereffekt – Infophysix [Dataphysix Engineering] [1996] Cygnus – Connection Error [Craigie Knowes] [2020] Aux 88 – You Don’t Want None Of This [Direct Beat] [2020] Composite Profuse ‎– Unalaska Ice Files (TheContinue reading “Decoded Transmissions: November 2020”