Intercepted Sounds: Paul du Lac [Live in Rotterdam 2004]

A tachyon signal from 2004, location Bedrijvenpark Noord-west, Rotterdam, has been intercepted. It’s found to carry electro master beats from Paul du Lac, a turntable titan who tunes the airwaves with the likes of Model 500, DJ Bone, Dijital, Chaos and many more.

This is a treat for your soul.

Our mobile satellite reports: Paul du Lac has released music on labels such as Biorhythm and Clone, see here.

Follow him into the underground: @Paul du Lac

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Intercepted Sounds: DJ Stingray [Tresor 30 Live from the Vault]

The patron saint of electro’s future returns for Tresor’s 30th anniversary! This intercepted industrial future funk chaos comes from HÖR BERLIN – stewards of fresh electronic sounds.

A heavy sonic barrage of electro-techno that illustrates the banging soundscape of the current generation. A sheer delight and masterclass in d-floor-focussed mixing.

Our mobile satellite reports: Stingray has released music on countless labels, most of which can be found here.

Follow him into the underground: @Stingray_Micro_Audio

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Deep Space Transmission 12 – HBC

They say that one should work hard, and play harder. The Tesseract Crew is hard at work searching for the right Frequencies, so they deserve a little break here and there. HBC came all the way from the Outer Realm to set up a party for us. They also say that once you do it, you should do it right. This is why he is here. From rugged earthly warehouses to gassy dancefloors of Jupiter comes the best party visionary in the galaxy has seen. He can turn even the abandoned and lonely parts of the Universe into a wild frenzy full of magical moments forgotten in a haze of hedonism. He’s that good… Oh shit, he brought some tapes as well!?! Guess the ET crew is done with work for the day, and you know what that means… HBC, take the wheel!

Find HBC here: @klyovah
Discord for electro lovers:

1. DJ Seinfeld – Sakura
2. No Moon – Breakpoints
3. Pearson Sound – Alien Mode
4. EMS – Get Ghetto
5. DJ Deeon, Jensen Interceptor – Sweat
6. Ultratubes – Flipkick
7. Tom Flynn – Nitez
8. Truss, Sync24 – Tri-gate
9. Volruptus – Alien Transmission
10. Twilight 22 – Electric Kingdom
11. Paul Blackford – 1991
12. Sync24, Deixis – Ah Ah Ah
13. Random XS – Give Your Body (Delta Funktionen 3AM Mix)
14. Franck Sarrio – Robotic Invasion
15. Mandroid – Anti-Gravity Machines (Aux 88 Remix)
16. Jensen Interceptor – Bubble Boy
17. Turk Turkleton – N.I.T.N.T.
18. DeFeKT – Move
19. Dynarec – Moving Corridor
20. Demuja – Power to the People
21. Casper Hastings – Renegade Rizla
22. DJ Overdose – Brain Compartments
23. Afroman – Tall Cans

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Intercepted Sounds: Umwelt [Ravoluson mix]

We’ve intercepted a chaotic signal from French electro warrior Umwelt for your sonic addiction.

A dark, nightmarish audio assault – banging industrial drums, rave-infused synth-lines – that will rocket ride you to the Dark Dominion of Dormammu and back. Prepare for spiritual oblivion.

Our reconnaissance cyborg reports Umwelt has releases on Midnight Shift, Satamile, New Flesh and many other record labels.

Follow him into the underground: @Umwelt’s soundcloud

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Deep Space Transmission 11 – filozof


“The Universe is nothing but a shadow of itself”, says the enigmatic figure while taking a large drag from a cigarette. “We, as humans, cannot see all the beauties it has to offer. Our limit is our design: Our ears cannot hear the True Frequencies, only their phantasms. This is why we wi-“
“This is why we will never find the Tesseract, yadda, yadda… Get to the point, boss, we don’t have all day”, said Ronin. “You are trying to tell us that we have to upgrade? To lose our humanity to see the Truth?”
filozof smiled, for he knew his companion figured it out. “Yes, Ronin, but not lose humanity, you need to transcend it. Here, I brought with me some sounds which would destroy ordinary humans. Luckily, as I understand it, all of you have pre-existing modifications on your bodies, correct?”
“Correct”, confirmed Ronin.
“Excellent, then I shall push your fragile, cyborg bodies to their limits”

Find filozof here: @jean-baptiste-clamence
Discord for electro lovers:


L.F.T. – Flare
Rogue Filter – That’s Right
False Persona – Orbit
Baby Val & Paco Pack – Bloody Skies
Ole Mic Odd – Acid Turbo
Cyan85 – 4 Ma C – Borgs
DMX Krew – What Happened to Peace?
Cybonix – Shake Your Body
Cyrk – Obsession (Original Mix)
Dagga – Scorpion Season Part 1.
Plant43 – Dormant Technology
AnyAct – Gradjane
Maelstorm – Smoker
The Exaltics – The Freefall
Locked Club – Bird Up
Dexter – No More
Fastgraph – Systematic
Skuum – Forza
Reptant – Lizard of Oz
Galaxian – Repent
Gesloten Cirkel – Submit – X
Paul Blackford – Fallout
AS1 – Superior Robots
Hermeth – Strictly Acid

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Decoded Transmissions: January 2021

Tesseract-grade sonics as recommended by the underground.

Cyan85 – Bay Of Sampieri

Recommended by Decoder

Microlith – Mahta

Recommended by Fleet

The Other People Place – Let me be me

Recommended by HBC

Dexter – No More

Recommended by The Last Ronin

Paul Villard – Submarine Limousine

Recommended by Pryx aka Dataphon

Wavefile – Dayjob

Recommended by Kar

Andy Garvey – This Silence Is False (Tred Remix)

Recommended by Narf

Biochip – Mind Bubbles

Recommended by FictionalDevices

Baby Val & Paco Pack – Bloody Skies

Recommended by The Last Ronin

Galaxian – Ride the Spiral

Recommended by Acid the Saboteur

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Deep Space Transmission 10 – Blixaboy

Enter Blixaboy! A futuroid galactic herald and stalwart figurehead of the electro and techno scene of North Texas USA, whose cosmic operating system is tuned for pounding deep machine beats. He’s released on CPU, Audiophile, his own imprint Stereo On Strike, and others under his various aliases. Lending his particular set of computational skills to ET, Blixaboy arrives at just the right time to upgrade the outdated firmware on our cybergenetic OS to a futureproof digital detection system, allowing one to see the difference between a properly mixed, 63Hz fundamental low and a half-assed, 54 Hz boosted one. We’re honored to have him on for our 10th guest mix, so prepare yourself for a new wave of holo-reality!

Follow Blixaboy here:

Discord for electro lovers:

Jack Dover -The Quiet Council
Antigone – Sands of time
Dj Bone – War
Vladimir Dubyshkin – Pigeon Epilepsy
The Advent & Mita – Level Down
Setaoc Mass – Bluebells
Matrixmann & Echologist – Shell Shock
Function – obsessed (Substance Remix)
Von Grall – Current Time
Substance and Vainquer – Immersion (sleeparchive remix)
Surgeon – Baby Ride (Edit)
Jeff Mills – 4Art
Ellen Allien – Take a Stand (Jonas Kopp Remix)
Blixaboy – Majestic
Blixaboy – Eon73
Animistic Beliefs – Molucca Quake
Plant43 – Pale Stag Horn
Morphology – Conductive Force
Blixaboy – Lord of Time
Blixaboy – Gizmos Jam

The fight against mediocre audio programming continues.

Focus On: Blak Tony (Alien FM, AUX88, Scan 7)

Tune your AUX minds to FM with Anthony “Blak Tony” Horton, one of Detroit’s legendary electronic pioneers. His music and that with groups AUX88, Scan 7 and Alien FM has helped shape the electro and techno soundscape, as well as usher in a new age of listeners with re-releases of classic AUX88 EPs, the ‘Counterparts’ album, and new works from Alien FM on Puzzlebox Records. He’s a techno scientist, MC and father, speaking with us from his home in Detroit.

“With my music, I do everything digital now. I learned on hardware at first – synths, drum machines – but had an incident where I lost my hardware, it was sprinkled all over the place, so I started messing with Reason and FL Studio.

“The software is on an XP computer system, which has been around since before 2004 and the thing is still going. I call it ‘Igor’. My other system is called ‘Blak Frankenstein’. I like to use Reason and FL Studio on there because it fits my workflow. I know FL Studio so well, I could teach it, and have to certain people.

On co-production for Alien FM (Blak Tony and Keith Tucker)…

“Both me and Keith have home studios. He works on the analogue aspect and I work on the software aspect. I might make some bare bones projects or whatever, send it over to Keith and then he would deconstruct it and put his funk to it – or vice versa. Works every time.

“We developed that like-minded headspace long ago in the 80’s. We trust each other’s view on that. That’s Alien FM. It’s like ‘How the hell did you get that out of what I made?’ We have love for this music, we live it.

“I think I have more of an aggressive approach to drums because I was in Scan 7. When we combine for a mix, we don’t have to worry about the drums or the mood or the atmosphere. It just comes naturally.

“Like with Out There, I just sent the parts to Keith without letting him listen to the original I made, and he came up with the K-1 remix. Crazy, man! That shit is nutty as fuck. We’re talking about ourselves – we out there.

“We’re getting ready to produce a show where you actually get to see what we’re doing. It’s going to trip people out because they’re not going to know where shit’s coming from. We’re going to give them new renditions of our records live, playing keyboards and doing vocals.

“They’ve seen AUX88, and now we’re onto making Alien FM the name that it should be and taking care of business around that. We want to let it grow and experiment with sound and have that interaction with the audience and ourselves.”

Continue reading “Focus On: Blak Tony (Alien FM, AUX88, Scan 7)”

Deep Space Transmission 09 – Dataphon

Introducing Dataphon, the galaxy famous entertainment expert! Operating on a custom ROM to support retro-style emulation, this android is fascinated by the musical aspect of videogames of forgotten times. Crafting ingenious ways to access and distribute long-forgotten synthetic frequencies accompanying pixelated time sinks, he arrived on station HOME to alleviate us from the long hours of idling while awaiting signs of the Tesseract to appear on our monitors. Oh, did we mention he brought some Tesseractian samples with him, gathered from his illustrious work travels? Throw in a spice of some good ole’ homemade tinkering, and you’ve got a recipe for a bombastic show better than any game coded so far. Dataphon, everybody!

Find Dataphon here:

Discord for electro lovers:

Dataphon – 2005
=UHU= – Baji
AS1 – Robot Sex Freak
Audiogenetics – Perox Membrane
Heinrich Dressel – The Dark Side
Sonar Base – The Deadly Storms Of Uranus
Dataphon – Quantenschaum
VCS2600 – Autopilot (Remix)
Cygnus – Make The Brain Relax
Faceless Mind – Drakskeppet
8Bit Rockers – Mit Seinerm Komputer
Der Zyklus – Eigenface (Satellites Mash-Up by Dataphon)
Franck Kartell – Palingenesis
Gosub – Eyes Of Nimrud
Labyrinthine – Alas Vastatoris
Gary Gritness – The Payback
Creepy Autograph – You Look So Sexy (Body)
Hyboid – Trip To NGC891
Dataphon+CVBox – Organic Life

The fight against mediocre audio programming continues.