Deep Space Transmission 08 – boxofbox

Starting off 2021, we’re joined by boxofbox, a scholar and curator of Tesseractian sounds. Amassing a huge collection of sounds through meticulously scanning sources of signal oscillations, he travelled all the way to our space station to help us ease our transitions from fragile biological bodies into engineered hybrids of man and machine; all done to help the ever more difficult search for sonic Truth. Beware, the journey ahead is very prone to execute the “funk on the dancefloor” protocol. Our advice is to heed the Program’s call, and dance to another transmission from deep space. Keep it real, keep it underground!

Find boxofbox here:

Discord for electro lovers:

The Exaltics – The Arrival
Atom™ – Acidsexmagic
CVBOX & MICHA FREIER – Work that Cat
Jasen Loveland – Paranoid Raver (4AM Curfew Mix)
Locked Club – Doschitai
Zeta Reticula – Solar Analogs
Gian – Purple Burglar
Reptant – The Raid
No Moon – CPU Limit 99
DJ Overdose – Time I Get Nasty
Fred 4 – Do It From The Back (Electro Mixx)
Anz – Invitation 2 Dance
Liquid Earth – A Little Nucleus (Liquid Earth Remix)
Junq – From Below
Dj RFR – Cum On
James Shinra – Gritti
Aden – Blow
DJ Frankie – Shake it
Arctor – Exploding Head Syndrome
DJ これからの緊急災害 – D A Y T 0 N A 5 0 0
Maelstrom – Lest We Inhale
Luz1e – Dynamix
Space Dimension Controller – Welcome to Mikrosector-50

The fight against mediocre audio programming continues.

Deep Space Transmission 07 – Saboteur

Dear Tesseractian,

thank You for tuning in to the sounds of the underground! Every listen, like and comment we received spawned a lot of enthusiasm to pursue this dream further; a dream of a small, independent blog. It all started with the formation of ET in November 2020, and has spawned a beautiful collaboration with electro artists and/or enthusiasts all over the world. We will strive to perfect our deliveries, writeups and interviews further into the following year, to bring You our synesthetic vision of music even closer to heart. This mix serves as a symbolic farewell to the tragicomedy known as 2020. We hope that all of You are safe and healthy, and that 2021 will be a year of prosperity and happiness for You and Your loved ones. Much love, and a thank You once more for supporting us.

ET crew

A final shot to 2020’s dome will be delivered by the station’s renegade, the mysterious Saboteur. His boldness to access and ride dangerous frequencies banned in the mainstream information channels led to Saboteur’s label as a “sonic terrorist” by the interstellar government. A true disciple of the Old Masters, he presents a collage of a novel interpretation of hidden audiophile gems, melding them together in a smooth transitional experience from the known Earths to the hidden reaches and frontiers of Space. Rise up, fellow animatronic beauties, against the false prophets of sound and follow the unseen master Saboteur into the unknown called 2021.

Find Saboteur here: @saboteurex
Discord for electro lovers:

Xon – Dissonance
Ectomorph – Insert Another Data Disk
Energize – Report to the Dance Floor (electro mix)
Detroit’s Filthiest – Torture Chamber (remix)
Gesloten Cirkel ‎- Zombiemaschine Acid
Alien FM – Out There (K-1 mix)
UR – Electronic Warfare (the original)
Posatronix – 142 MPH
AUX88 – Control
Drexciya – Living on the Edge
DJ Dijital – I am Morpheus
Plastikman – Helicopter
Ultradyne – Dr Blowfin’s Experiment (XIX mix)
Chaos – Afrogermanic
AUX88 – The Flight
Nexus 21 – Can you feel the beat
Luke Eargoggle – I belong to the past
Hell – Suicide Commando
Transllusion – Power of the 3rd Brain
Cybotron – Techno City
The Advent – Elektra Fix
James Ruskin – Untitled (Prevention beyond cause)
Ron Morelli – Put your head on the floor
Cristian Vogel – SKX Engine Undercover
Shape Changer – Welcome Change
Martian – Visual Contact
Drexciya – Birth of New Life

The fight against mediocre audio programming continues.

Decoded Transmissions: December 2020

Tesseract-grade sonics as recommended by the underground.

No Moon – Set Phasers to Stun

Recommended by Narf

Tensal vs Komatssu – Finite In Nature

Recommended by Decoder

Drexciya – Lost Vessel

Recommended by Acid_303

Wedding Acid Group – Chocoball 707

Recommended by Calum the Incredible

Cignol – Modularity

Recommended by Kar

Turk Turkelton – N.I.T.N.T.

Recommended by HBC

Cignol – Virtual Array

Recommended by SubZero

Cyan85 – Aquasma

Recommended by FictionalDevices

Plant43 – Dormant Technology

Recommended by The Last Ronin

Kraftwerk – Expo 2000 (Kling Klang Mix 2002)

Recommended by Fleet

Enayet – Hathi

Recommended by boxofbox

The fight against mediocre audio programming continues.

Deep Space Transmission 05 – Vivian Blush

This week, our crew is honored to be in the presence of the robot-girl Vivian Blush. Boasting powerful hydraulics, Vivian uses them to conjure fast-paced sound assaults, shifting tectonic plates on the target planet in ways not yet perceived by the inhabitants. The journey you are bout to embark on is no different. The soundscape reminds one of a cold, surgical setting, where even the slightest, brisk perturbations result in bodies magically moving in patterns as if it were a dancefloor. It is highly recommended to clear your immediate physical surroundings, as the Tesseractian soundwaves compiled by Vivian Blush WILL make you go wild!

Find Vivian here:

Discord for electro lovers:


Komka – Machine
Eluize – Supposed
Heidi Sabertooth – Inside Out
Dyslecta – B&H Black
Umwelt – Shut Up And Dance
CT Kidobó & LAU – XTC
IXRQ – Teleporter
Lårry – Bias Point
MRD – The South
Arsonist Recorder – Another Moon
object blue & TSVI – Turing Machine
Chino – Autostrada
Alessandro Adriani & Cosimo Damiano – Riot Surfers
False Persona – Subtraction
Sepehr – Darklord.wav
Mekas – Dynamo
Cyan85 – Cyber Rage
Mekas – Spinal Infoplex
Maelstrom – Archaea
Sinusoidal – Basis Volatility

The fight against mediocre audio programming continues.

Intercepted Sounds: Tensal [Reclaim Your City Mix]

We’ve intercepted an unadulterated broadcast from Austrian techno legend Tensal via Rinse FM for your listening pleasure.

A cyber symphony of banging four-to-the-floor drums and driving synthwork to wake you up and keep you moving – no matter where you are in the universe.

Intel shows Tensal has had releases on Modularz, Soma, Mord, and many other labels. Follow him into the underground:

@Tensal’s soundcloud

The fight against mediocre audio programming continues.

Review: AUX88 – Counterparts

Label: Direct Beat Classics (DBC-001DLP)
Release Date: January 2020

In January 2020 AD, the Detroit electro quartet AUX88 dropped their first new studio album in ten years – sonically cementing new takes on electro heavy on bass, funk and techno.

Consisting of members Blak Tony, DJ K-1, Posatronix and Tom Tom, AUX88 titled the album Counterparts to signify the four’s unified approach to music. It’s been out for a year now and getting airtime from Dave Clarke, DVS NME, Ralph Lawson and set plays from DJ Stingray, Helena Hauff, DJ Godfather and many others across the underground.

In this writer’s humble opinion, it’s the album of the year. Here’s why.

Counterparts begins with Intel, a warm European-style techno bopper, loaded with sci-fi stabs and a shoulder popping bassline that sets the mood for the intergalactic future-trip to come.

Next, the colossal club track You Don’t Want None of This, a low-slung electro banger with standout vocals from Blak Tony, chugs along to heavy drums and Motor City pads.

Then the machines take full frontal assault with Moonwalker, like something you’d hear on the Borg homeworld, this tech-monster signals peak-time madness – and reminds of the group’s individual releases on Puzzlebox Records.

Electro in the Key of Funk then hits. It’s often praised online for its mood and cosmic feel, big drums and wickedly programmed synthline.

Midway through Pothole Paradise makes its debut: an ingenious, breathy jit track with echoes of drum ‘n’ bass. It pushes Detroit electro beyond its boundaries into psychedelic machine-utopia.

Breaking down the door is Manic, a dystopic-sci-fi dark club anthem that ranges from headfuck to pandemonium, driven by a sawed hoover-like bassline, kept together by zappy snares and dotted with falling synths. Sounds like stuff Umek would play.

Stereolized comes in next, announced as music for the new world, it’s a wonky electro funk bomb with robo-vocals and a playful attitude, perfect to get girls shaking, guys moving and the floor rumbling.

Taking us home is My Electro Visions, a big, moody electronic funk banger, reverbed 808 drums, modulated vocals and an amped out bassline – spaced out feelings. You’d encounter this at Fabric (or the like) at 5am and just as you were about to call it, it’d rope you back in.

On the back of the Counterparts album, you see four sneakers – red, black, white, white – track names with production notes that somewhat indicate which of the AUX88 four produced what, and a message to the fans that reads:

“The electronic sounds of early Detroit radio shaped and influenced a generation of teens who would pioneer a signature theme to encompass the world. A continuous merger of man & machine so defined to the city they represented… A label and the Group AUX88 was formed around it. The original minds have  returned  decades later, AUX88 journey is one of four young boys from the streets of Detroit dreaming of future exploits of dance music from space for a world waiting. Four distinct enigmatic entities.”


Pretty sick.

It’s been confirmed by DJ K-1 (in his YouTube show) and Blak Tony (in a talk with us) that this is the last new AUX88 material that fans will hear for a while. The group will be moving in different directions to focus on their own music.

Read more about this and other crazy shit next week in our Focus On with Blak Tony. Transmitting in time for Xmas.

Counterparts is available both digitally and on vinyl.

You Don’t Want None of This
Electro in the Key of Funk
Pothole Paradise
My Electro Visions (Acapella)
My Electro Visions

The fight against mediocre audio programming continues.

Deep Space Transmission: Subzero

This week’s cruise captain is a cold explorer known in select circles as Subversive. A veteran of the techno scene, Subversive curated a monthly club night in LA and contributed to labels such as Northern Parallels, proving his talent both as a DJ and as a producer. However, planet Earth was not enough. Born with an ice fascination, Subversive decided to push for the cold reaches of Space. The mission demanded he let go of his human form and embrace a new robot body to be able to withstand the harsh temperatures of frozen planets. Now known as Subzero, this analog (!!!) cyborg brings melodies that construct the most beautiful landscapes reminiscent of his cold explorations. Combining the soothing sonics of a smooth ice surface with claps and snares reminding of freezing harsh winds and pointy ice shards, Subzero’s Tesseract-grade waveforms cannot leave you motionless!

Find Subzero in these domains:

Discord for electro lovers:

Obergman – Universal Hologram – Borft Recs
Aquatronics – Ocean Myst – Magnonic Signals
Turk Turkelton – X Stanione – Lunar Orbiter Program
Kosh – She Gets Mad – 20/20 Vision
Stojche – Conflict – Constant Records
Noamm – Signal Error – Electro Transmissions
Music For The Other People Place – B2 – Fundamental Records
Moy – Helicorpion – Acidlab
Jensen Interceptor x Assembler code – Red Cell – 20/20 Vision
Electro Nation – Shipwrecked – Electrocute Soundplates
NGA – Dreams of Empty Spaces – Suborder
Moodex – Persistence – Distorted Sensory Perception
Corporeal Face – Mike Banks Bus Pass – Further Electronix
Detroit’s Filthiest – Most Expensivest – Philthtrax
Detoroit’s Filthiest – Ganster of Love – RotterHague Records
Quadratschulz – Peer Pressure – Djak-Up-Bitch
Cygnus – She Work It All Night – Electro Records
Aux88 – Moon Walker – Detroit Bass Classics
Alex Jann – Computoid​.​Transmission​.​X [Animistic Beliefs Electric Eye Mix] – Censor Music
The Exaltics and Heinrich Mueller – Wissenschaft Der Zukunft (feat Paris the Black Fu) – Solar One Music

This transmission was initiated by The Last Ronin. Croatian-born and based in Amsterdam, he conceived the idea of Electronic Tesseract. Although he doesn’t produce music himself, the majority of his day revolves around music, whether it be mixing, listening, talking, debating,…

Deep Space Transmission: Last Ronin

Your guide to deep space this week is none other than the Last Ronin – an Amsterdam-based electronaut and the progenitor of Electronic Tesseract. Like his samurai namesake, Ronin takes a bushido stance to spacious hypnotic electro, cutting tracks that bleed cool. Sit back for this one, young grasshopper, as Ronin takes you through a selection of electro delights with the all encompassing energy of utter machine funk.

Last Ronin: @jean-baptiste-clamence

Station HOME:


Nebenprodukt – Biopolymer
VC-118a – Enter
Inward Content – Quantum Mechanics
ERP – Noetic
Charlie – Spacer Woman
Duplex – Machines and Tapes
Kuldaboli – Lazer Tag
Aux88 – Electro in Key of Funk
Lee – Andromeda
Sound Synthesis – Waiting Rooms
Collin Sullivan – Chromatic Dispersion
Cyan85 – Bay of Sampieri
Alek Stark – Halo 6 (Heinrich Mueller Remix)
London Modular Alliance – Remainder
Sansibar – Glide TIl Dawn
Le Car – 20/20
Kuldaboli – Yuri Gagarin
Africa HiTech – Light the way
Mystic Tribe A.I. – Telepathic Seduction

This transmission was initiated by Decoder.

Intercepted Sounds: Plant 43 [FOLD X Cultivated Electronics]

A dream-stream originating in London has been intercepted, identified as Plant 43, and re-broadcast to keep you sane.

This live mix of interstellar machine splendour disseminates a hypnotic crawling beat-scape of sublime electro vibrations perfect for cruising cyber cities and any romantic rendezvous late at night.

Intel suggests Plant 43 has released over 100 tracks on such labels as Frustrated Funk, CPU, Cultivated Electronics, Semantica, Shipwrec, AC Records, Bleep43, Trust and more.

Follow him into the underground at:

@Plant43’s bandcamp

@Plant43’s soundcloud

The fight against mediocre audio programming continues.

Review: Feral – L’Aube Rouge

Label: Aube Rouge (AUBE001)
Release Date: December 2020

Alessandro Barchitta, better known as Feral, is an Italian electronic musician known for his signature deep, atmospheric, and spiritual take on techno. After many successful releases on the renowned label Hypnus Records, he has solidified his name in the underground techno scene.

Feral has recently started up his new imprint “Aube Rouge” with debut EP “L’Aube Rouge”. It consists of four distinct songs that explore a variety of textures and rhythms that encompass a unique hypnotic yet driving sound.

Opening the EP is the title track, “L’Aube Rouge”. Comprised of washed out basslines, shuffling hi hats, and bouncy 808 drums, it creates a mesmerizing soundscape that hypnotizes the listener. The second track, “Oeil Tribal”, is a simple yet effective track, with percussive hits and droning pads that accompany the drum pattern. The way the percussion is used in the song is able to further develop a humanized groove that accents the robotic drumline beautifully.

Kicking off the B side is Négatif. It is an emotionally tinged, effect heavy track with hypnotic loops that bring the listener in, and personally my favorite on the EP. A great way to start the B side off and keep things fresh. Finishing the track is a trippy ambient piece titled “Rêve”. While it touches on similar elements from B1, it remains distinct through its poly-metric rhythms and pitched down pads that creates a drowsy effect, making me feel like I’ve just landed on Mars as the sun is setting.

L’Aube Rouge will be available both digitally and on vinyl.

Previews of L’Aube Rouge


A1. L’Aube Rouge

A2. Oeil Tribal

B1. Négatif

B2. Rêve

Transmitted by…

Decoder from Dallas, TX.