Deep Space Transmission: Subzero

This week’s cruise captain is a cold explorer known in select circles as Subversive. A veteran of the techno scene, Subversive curated a monthly club night in LA and contributed to labels such as Northern Parallels, proving his talent both as a DJ and as a producer. However, planet Earth was not enough. Born withContinue reading “Deep Space Transmission: Subzero”

Deep Space Transmission: Last Ronin

Your guide to deep space this week is none other than the Last Ronin – an Amsterdam-based electronaut and the progenitor of Electronic Tesseract. Like his samurai namesake, Ronin takes a bushido stance to spacious hypnotic electro, cutting tracks that bleed cool. Sit back for this one, young grasshopper, as Ronin takes you through aContinue reading “Deep Space Transmission: Last Ronin”

Deep Space Transmission: Decoder

This week’s flight course is charted by Decoder, the ET ship’s chief cryptologist and communications expert hailing from Dallas, Texas. A master in the sphere of hypnotic and minimal 4-to-the-floor beats, Decoder is head of Codec Recordings and is taking us through low-intensity gravitational wave fields with some of his favourite tracks – many ofContinue reading “Deep Space Transmission: Decoder”

Deep Space Transmission: Fictional Devices

Joining us this week is Fictional Devices, a real-life cyborg living in Ibiza. Working at OpenLab Radio. Mr. Devices takes in a lot of quality music, making him an expert in crafting a killer selection to help you, dear listener, physically or mentally dance away the fears and long days of isolation. The spaceship youContinue reading “Deep Space Transmission: Fictional Devices”