Deep Space Transmission 10 – Blixaboy

Enter Blixaboy! A futuroid galactic herald and stalwart figurehead of the electro and techno scene of North Texas USA, whose cosmic operating system is tuned for pounding deep machine beats. He’s released on CPU, Audiophile, his own imprint Stereo On Strike, and others under his various aliases. Lending his particular set of computational skills to ET, Blixaboy arrives at just the right time to upgrade the outdated firmware on our cybergenetic OS to a futureproof digital detection system, allowing one to see the difference between a properly mixed, 63Hz fundamental low and a half-assed, 54 Hz boosted one. We’re honored to have him on for our 10th guest mix, so prepare yourself for a new wave of holo-reality!

Follow Blixaboy here:

Discord for electro lovers:

Jack Dover -The Quiet Council
Antigone – Sands of time
Dj Bone – War
Vladimir Dubyshkin – Pigeon Epilepsy
The Advent & Mita – Level Down
Setaoc Mass – Bluebells
Matrixmann & Echologist – Shell Shock
Function – obsessed (Substance Remix)
Von Grall – Current Time
Substance and Vainquer – Immersion (sleeparchive remix)
Surgeon – Baby Ride (Edit)
Jeff Mills – 4Art
Ellen Allien – Take a Stand (Jonas Kopp Remix)
Blixaboy – Majestic
Blixaboy – Eon73
Animistic Beliefs – Molucca Quake
Plant43 – Pale Stag Horn
Morphology – Conductive Force
Blixaboy – Lord of Time
Blixaboy – Gizmos Jam

The fight against mediocre audio programming continues.

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