Review: dvidevat & Nulla – 068​/​078​-​1

Gritty, urban, dreamy. All you could want from an electro record. I love meeting new cyborgs, especially if they hail from the Balkan region of Old Earth. I met Nulla and dvidevat at a festival simulation on the NC-R5 Matrioshka Brain. They were responsible for frequency modulation at one of the stages, which left meContinue reading “Review: dvidevat & Nulla – 068​/​078​-​1”

Intercepted Sounds: Cyan 85

Young cyborg who goes by the alias “Cyan 85” released an amazing compilation of sounds on the intergalactic frequency exchange area “HÖR BERLIN“. Binding the old skool with the freshness of youth, Mr. 85 delivers a series of punchy sounds, Drexciyan basslines, and funky melodies. Cyan 85 is not only versed in building a narrativeContinue reading “Intercepted Sounds: Cyan 85”

Deep Space Transmission 14 – issu

issu is a curious being. Hailing from a distant world located near the supermassive black hole Nuru’s event horizon, fighting against the fundamental forces of the Universe to survive is a core part of their experience. Therefore, it’s no surprise that his sound is shaped by a crushing change in oscillations, vibrations and soundwave densitiesContinue reading “Deep Space Transmission 14 – issu”

Deep Space Transmission 13 – Best Buy Guyd, HBC & filozof

The three riders of the Apocalypse cooked up a nasty show for the Interplanetary Radio known as KSET. Located near the Martinovka Nebula, KSET is a place fueled by a radical ideology: let’s make something creative while having a blast! Starting off with a selector approach of homebrews mixed with foreign fruits, the rogue AIContinue reading “Deep Space Transmission 13 – Best Buy Guyd, HBC & filozof”

Review: Aura Nox – Levana’s Tears

A testament to humanity’s ability to make the Gods weep. Aura Nox delivers a harsh criticism aimed at the imminent dystopia resulting from humanity’s self-serving agenda. Immediately invoking the cry of Levana in the project’s title, the mirror image of our failure is reflected through water on her face: colonialism, exploitation, environmental degradation, oppression…  Continue reading “Review: Aura Nox – Levana’s Tears”

Focus On: Sound Synthesis

Awaken to the dreamy, acidic machine funk of Keith Farrugia aka Sound Synthesis, whose laidback take on electro has enraptured the ears of all good punters everywhere. His music brims with astral colours and can be found on labels such as Electro Records, Exalt Records, Fundamental Records and many more. He is transmitting from hisContinue reading “Focus On: Sound Synthesis”

Focus On: DJ Overdose

Enter the freaky soundscape of Jeroen Warmenhoven, DJ Overdose – one of the Netherlands’ electro champions. His hip-hop and cinema inspired machine funk brings a fresh take to the world of electro, giving us melancholic melodies and big drums that take the mind to inner-space and back – such as with his album ‘Emulator Armour’Continue reading “Focus On: DJ Overdose”

Decoded Transmissions: May 2021

Tesseract-grade sonics as recommended by the underground. Zeta Reticula – Formation of Life DJ D’ijital – Electro Hop II John Selway – Stars in the Gutter Way Out West – Dancehall Tornado OM Unit – Treading Earth OCB – Corrupted Minds Dopplereffekt – Telescope Array DJ Overdose – Kekko Multipolar Scenarios – Obergman Gosub –Continue reading “Decoded Transmissions: May 2021”