Decoded Transmissions: October 2021

Tesseract-grade sonics as recommended by the underground.

Recommended by dvidevat
Recommended by HBC
Recommended by Narf (Eternal Peace to Das Muster!!!)
Recommended by Breiska 0.5L
Recommended by dowson
Recommended by LastRonin

The fight against mediocre audio programming continues. Until the last electron stops circulating our systems.

Review: dvidevat & Nulla – 068​/​078​-​1

Gritty, urban, dreamy. All you could want from an electro record.

A bleak future awaits.

I love meeting new cyborgs, especially if they hail from the Balkan region of Old Earth. I met Nulla and dvidevat at a festival simulation on the NC-R5 Matrioshka Brain. They were responsible for frequency modulation at one of the stages, which left me thoroughly impressed. Not nearly as much as what I am about to show you.

Compiling sounds of their own creation into an EP, the girls describe themselves as one of the youngest producers from Ljubljana’s emerging electro scene. Let’s start off with Nulla. She is a network engineer specializing in espionage and recruitment of promising recruits into her hidden network. Very versatile and adaptive, her soundscape mimics her talents and showcases a broad range of frequencies she feels comfortable with.

Laszlo is a codename for a secret weapon using frequencies made to disassemble the opponents and weaken their footing. After a heavy barrage, it leaves the battlefield empty with diminishing laser sounds as its only trace of existence. Definitive contender for an opener in a dark and heavy set.

Modem is Nulla’s engineering skills at work. Everyone knows information is transmitted through infinitely small robots traveling at the speed of light. Nulla managed to track them down and is now fighting to gain control of them, as she needs to infiltrate a hidden government communication channel. The synths represent these robots fighting back against Nulla’s assault. Alas, the last bit of the track offers an undeniable truth: Nulla prevailed.

S.L.C. is my Nulla’s favourite track on this EP. It is an homage to the Matrix, times where a dystopian world was only called “science fiction”.  I felt as if I am put in Neo’s shoes and have to make the decision to rebel. Do not hesitate when offered a hand to follow by the White Rabbit, the hole is much deeper than anyone ever conceived. Just so you know, nobody came back into the uninitiated world after taking the red pill.

Ambinet’s appropriate name combines ambient motives with sounds of the net. Nulla must have brought this one from the depths of her memory. To be precise, this track represents the exact moment she discovered the vastness and depth of the Internet. I envision her looking at transistors exchanging currents in one magical dance enveloping the whole Universe.

Finally, Lenticular is an anthem of all those who spend their nights looking at the starry night, far away from light pollution. It is tempting to fly away in a magical ship of consciousness in search of a better world, but it is easy to forget a simple truth. The beauty of the Tesseract is located everywhere, and it is required to lower our gaze and see Life in the eyes of our beloved.


Her musical partner, dvidevat is the Emperor’s cook, her ability to spice her tracks giving away her trade. While Nulla is focused on electronics, dvidevat is focused on painting scenes from the rough world she inhabits. Revenge, prison, feeling of nostalgia for a lost youth are all part of her portfolio. She brings a more compact and recognizable sound, sticking to what she knows, but doing that at a very high level.

Dvidevat’s soundscape starts with Mistif, a peculiar anthem of those murky mornings after a club evening. Leaving behind a night of blurry memories, the day is young enough to give a blue tint to a sleeping city. Cold breaths are lost within the mist which announces the first Sun rays of the day and soothes the soul. However, there is an edginess to this track, probably remains of whatever we took during the night fighting for the last bit of stimulation.

Following the ambient goodness, PSH is dvidevat’s portrayal of a power struggle within the galaxy’s most notorious prison. Opponents have been eying each other for the past few weeks on who will control the kitchen. Tensions are at an all-time high, and the track pushes us into the conflict’s overture. The battle ensues whilst the warden is watching. He doesn’t care, the more victims, the less scum to control.

Next up is Kampak, my favourite track from the whole EP. I just can’t help but imagine myself as a veteran fighter pilot going through an abandoned city in search of a challenge. Arriving in the city, I start to race against myself through the skyscraper landscape. Sound-wise, it is a mix of old buildings vibrating to the sound of my jet engines coupled with an intimate conversation with my ship’s A.I. It is imploring me not to be so reckless. However, the adrenaline rush is a bit too hard to resist.

Last, but not least is Apropos, a search for blood. Our protagonist got his memory chip hacked, meaning that someone stole his memories. His quest leads to the lord of the acid underground, whose sole hobby is collecting memories in jars as trophies. The track is a verbal standoff between the two, a who-draws-first-wins situation. Intense stuff!

The girls did a fantastic job at moving my limbs into a frenzied state. I will be looking forward to exploring their future projects. Remember, fellow readers, case and point that it is never too early/young to be amazing. 0ver and 0ut.

Transmitted by Last Ronin, the monster crawling in the underground refuge.

Intercepted Sounds: Cyan 85

Young cyborg who goes by the alias “Cyan 85” released an amazing compilation of sounds on the intergalactic frequency exchange area “HÖR BERLIN“. Binding the old skool with the freshness of youth, Mr. 85 delivers a series of punchy sounds, Drexciyan basslines, and funky melodies.

Cyan 85 is not only versed in building a narrative but he also delivers on the producing grounds. Our favourite frequencies are Set It Out, Bay of Sampieri, and Bassturbation as the ultimate dancefloor smasher.

For the rest of Mr. 85’s repertoire, check out his SoundCloud, as well as BandCamp! We leave you with a link to a ghetto delight of an EP in which Mr. 85 participated as well. It is a great gateway to other greats in the genre, such as Amadeezy, Textasy and others. See you in the Underground!

Transmitted by Last Ronin, the monster crawling in the underground refuge.

Deep Space Transmission 14 – issu

issu is a curious being. Hailing from a distant world located near the supermassive black hole Nuru’s event horizon, fighting against the fundamental forces of the Universe to survive is a core part of their experience. Therefore, it’s no surprise that his sound is shaped by a crushing change in oscillations, vibrations and soundwave densities to bring about a dark and pounding rhythm to sweaty bodies on the d-floor. Combining sounds crafted in forges of his home planet with deep space discoveries, issu helped the ET crew navigate through dangerous gravity pockets of Junuta on their journey to Truth. All while providing a kickass soundtrack full of wisdom embued with their heritage: a perceived moment can be eternal.

Find issu here:

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Umwelt – Don’t Trust
88756 – Robots and Humans Alike
Dj Di’jital – CrackWorld
Interviews – Miami String
Fluctuosa – Lobe Battery
Isolated Material – Locked Phase
AFQ – Eleusinian Blade
Electro Magnetism – The Hidden Persuader
Aux 88 – Play It Loud
Human-Error Processor – Proxyan
Univac – Mandelbrot Set
Ben Pest – More Horrors
Terrestrial Access Network – Sentient Substance
Francois Dillinger – Sit And Wait (Detroit’s Filthiest Remix)
Serge Geyzel – Illegal
issu – Unreleased
Sync 24 & Radioactive Man – Eliptical
issu – Unreleased

Deep Space Transmission 13 – Best Buy Guyd, HBC & filozof

The three riders of the Apocalypse cooked up a nasty show for the Interplanetary Radio known as KSET. Located near the Martinovka Nebula, KSET is a place fueled by a radical ideology: let’s make something creative while having a blast! Starting off with a selector approach of homebrews mixed with foreign fruits, the rogue AI of many aliases known as Best Buy Guyd lights the first torch of the event. HBC continues with an expose of seismic bangers and potential differentials to electrify the crowd with a neatly crafted set. filozof steps up afterwards to join HBC in a trip to Old Earth and its ghettos with a glimpse of raw sexuality expressed in graphical lyrics and funky beats. Finally, filozof continues the journey alone and finishes off the show with a heavy hand of music inspirations from his favourite DJ’s and discoveries through countless hours of digging. Our advice is too click on any point in the show and let the gentleborgs take you on a journey spanning many emotions fluxing through the music which are not going away until the blood-oil stops pumping through our bodies!

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Zagrebacki Električni – I dalje
Altered Natives – Daddy’s Gone
Anker – Danke (Part 3 Edit)
House Of Black Lanterns – Midnight Caller
Zagrebacki Električni – IchiNi Cki Cni
FUSE – Logikal Nonsense
Cutmaster T – ZGO Heavy Flow (RFMN Remastered Bootleg)
The Exaltics – 00022.53.0.2
Reggata – Medicine Women
The Exaltics –
2ndBestMen – Pumpido
Star Safari – Space Junk Sifter
Hawaiian Surfer – Elliptical Galaxy
Mia Zabelka & Philippe Petit – Mia’s Ghost
Separate Signal – First Zillion
Reggata- Yesmen
Zagrebački Električni – Bojler
Zagrebački Električni – Ukratko
DJ K1 – Just Don’t Understand (Global Darkness EP – Creme Classics 03)
Detroit Grand Pubahs – Public Announcement
EMGEac – ZG State of Mind
Detroit Grand Pubahs – Jealous of a Dead Man
Danny Notter – Livin’ Like There’s Always Tomorrow
Above The Law – Set Free
Brassica – Wryders
Off The Meds – Belter
Haider – Levitate
Sansibar – Nolla
PinballSpider – Angler Squid
Textasy/Dj Di’jital – Deja Vu Bass
Aloka – XTX3
DJ Boneyard – That’s Right
Fastgraph – Zero in On You
Partiboi69 – Hit Tha Brakes
The Operator – Localhost Pt 2
MCR-T – Stxxpid Dumb
Volruptus – Tesseract
Cyan85 – Bassturbation
Body Mechanic ft. B. Calloway – I Wanna
Hyperqub3 – Kronos Deice
Turrk Turkelton – Rock It
Sansibar – Used To Live In Detroit (Boy Toy)
DJ MELL G – Funky Papi
Bitch Ass Darius – Get it Right
? – Let Em Buck
Dj Rashad – Ride This Dick
Traxman – Burn Da Roof
Typhonic – Take It Off
? – Shake That Butt
B. Calloway – Jit Beat 2
DJ Assault – Shake It Baby
DJ Godfather – Let’s Jit
SALOME – Internet Ghost
Sync24 & Radioactive Man – Eliptical
Detroit’s Filthiest – My Soul to Take
Amadeezy – Xplosive
DJ Boneyard – Antipodean (Original Mix)
Kronos Device – Below The Surface [Dynamik Bass System Remix]
Gosub – Love from Planet X
Chris McCormack – What Kind of Sound (Pt.1)
Plant43 – Dormant Technology
Pollon – Lost Souls (Mix)
Assembler Code – Simulant
Volruptus – Juggernaut Cosmonaut
Skuum – FORZA
Locked Club ft. RLGN – Nega Arashi
Locked Club – Punk Nasvegda
Aaron Carl – Down (Electro mix)
False Persona – Subtraction
Hermeth – Chameleon (DJ Frankie Remix)
O – Wells – Park Jit
The Aquanauts – Relentless (Xpect No Mercy Mix)
Assembler Code – Outer Trace
Floating Points – Bias (Mayfield Depot Mix)

Review: Aura Nox – Levana’s Tears

A testament to humanity’s ability to make the Gods weep.

Aura Nox delivers a harsh criticism aimed at the imminent dystopia resulting from humanity’s self-serving agenda.

Immediately invoking the cry of Levana in the project’s title, the mirror image of our failure is reflected through water on her face: colonialism, exploitation, environmental degradation, oppression…  

What was traditionally thought as the ultimate of animal (and anthropogenic) behaviour, childbirth is now shunned upon by our Creators as immoral and sickening. For this reason, we are staring into a future where nobody in their right mind would think to bring a new-born into a forsaken and broken world which will continue decaying long after we perish.

Welcome to a tale of harsh, gritty electronic riffs with accompanying hallow vocals to push home the insanity of the modern-day concrete jungle. Welcome to a world where the prison is our mind, disallowing for any sensible continuation of a search for meaning. Welcome to hell.

This harrowing, but eye-opening journey is divided into 6 distinct chapters: 4 original interpretations, and 2 reinterpretations by industry stars Black Merlin and Trenton Chase.

Starting off with Petite Mort, a tale of modern-day twisted reality, one is greeted by S_ROSE’s vocals. The voice gives off a sinister vibe, as if it is giving us permission to be violent. It found its way into our heads and is tapping into a hidden restraint and capability to induce destruction upon a fellow living being; to rob, to sow horror, to destroy.

Perhaps it is Levana herself going rogue, acting out in a hurt fashion similar to a spouse finding out one cheated on her: “GO AND BE WITH HER”. The message is hammered home by a penetrating kick pattern, completing the circle of violence and sealing our future.

Next up is A Sliced Up Pear, a personal favourite on this EP. One gets transported into a Mad Max-type future, where the underground mating rituals focus exclusively on pleasure and dominance.

The grittiness of the synth invokes scenes of debauchery and lawlessness, where one lives from pill to pill. Breathing room is scarce, and once it ends, the diabolical fluctuations return in full force. Horrifying and intense, this is a definitive peak club banger that will be ID-ed by all party goers for their personal soundtrack to the apocalypse.   

Following the scandalous visions of Earth, we are greeted by Suspiria, a promise made by the Sky itself to us that salvation waits in the glittering particles in the vast night’s darkness. Putting all efforts into constructing a rocket called The Cure, we launch countless embryos into a leap of faith towards a better tomorrow in other clusters of the Universe.

The track’s E.R.P. -esque atmosphere paints portraits of planets we encounter on the way: barren, gold-brown with rocky circulating rings. It seems that the Great Ones left not Earth, but have left our World altogether, wherever it may be. All in all, a melancholic tune for all the lost futures.

Intuition is a definitive extension of Suspiria, and in my opinion, these two belong on the same side of the EP right after each other. The track represents arrival to a promising planet which we could call our home. The sound colours remind that the state of mind experienced in A Sliced Up Pear did not escape our minds just because we relocated.

In this sense, we must be careful not to repeat the mistakes of our past. Complimenting the atmosphere is an A.I. female voice, which produces a synaesthetic synthesis of the picturesque space-station revolving in front of the new planet with the new settlers recording their doubts before leaving old Earth in the journey for the unknown.

Reinterpretations are exciting and important in the art world, as they offer the original artist vision where their vision could have gone with a slight change in perspective, while offering the borrowing artist the challenge to disentangle from the progenitor idea. Such is Black Merlin’s reinterpretation of Intuition.

While the original dwelled on the moment of arrival from a holistic perspective of the whole station, the remix is a personal deep dive into the psychological and paranoid thoughts of a crew member. Why would she trust anyone if there is no common reason for a harmonious community to arise? The harmonics are very edgy, inducing an uneasy feeling of mania and distrust in a place where there is no going back. “I am waiting patiently, quietly for the next thing to come”

Finally, Trenton Chase adds an extra danceable quality to S_ROSE’s vocals in his interpretation of Petit Mort. The first chord beautifully tastes like Dorothys Fortress – Enter Castillo and evolves into an Astra-oriented call of the night. One is brought back to the first day of the dystopia, where the initiated are cruising down Miami’s neon lights in a car. Seems like they are on their way to a meetup of Russian Mobsters, and are packing a baseball bat combined with a whole variety of animal masks. Trouble smells a mile off, but the clock struck midnight, meaning the marauders cannot turn back even if they wanted to.

I am impressed by this EBM electro EP. It is tight, with a clear direction it is heading and vivid, synth-based imagery which portrays a whole story of a world which we do not want to inhabit. The sonics are first class and will be entertained by all ears in a club setting. Take Aura Nox’s warning and change your values. When we notice Levana’s tears, it will already be too late.

Transmitted by Last Ronin, the monster crawling in the underground refuge.

Focus On: Sound Synthesis

Awaken to the dreamy, acidic machine funk of Keith Farrugia aka Sound Synthesis, whose laidback take on electro has enraptured the ears of all good punters everywhere. His music brims with astral colours and can be found on labels such as Electro Records, Exalt Records, Fundamental Records and many more. He is transmitting from his home in Malta.

“Sound Synthesis started with the first release on Paul Blackford’s label Militant Science around 2009.

“I had other projects on going as well at the time where I was doing more ambient music, but I always was into electro as well.

“The name came from getting into the shaping of sounds, which is called sound synthesis. This is something that always fascinated me as I always saw it as a door to explore new possibilities in music.

“I never learned music theory or an instrument. I always composed music with what makes sense to my ears. I tend to find more freedom in expressing myself in that moment, when I really feel it, without any rules or music notations to follow.

“Of course, in recent years I have and am still studying some basic music theory as it will definitely help in the process. 

On Science Fiction’s connection to Electro…

“Well, they’re two things that go hand in hand for sure.

“I guess the idea of futuristic/scientific sounds is what makes it interesting, and also I see electro as a futuristic genre whatever the time or era we are in. They just naturally make sense to combine.

On approaching music and hardware or digital…

“I use both in my setup. It’s always good to mix it up. I usually produce by gut and what I am feeling at the time.

“Most of my music is written like that but I also find it interesting to follow a concept, researching new stuff, being inspired and always finding myself learning something new in the process. So I would say both.

On his sound…

“I really don’t know how to describe it, but it might sound dreamy most of the time.

“I really like to explore more darker sounds as well, depending on the mood. The aim for me is to always explore new possibilities in creating my own sound.

On inspiration…

“I am usually inspired by all that surrounds me, it could be listening to other people’s music, a day in nature with friends, travelling, a bad experience. Basically life and everything that’s in it is an inspiration in some way or another.  

On how his city shapes his music…

“Well, we live on an island here in Malta, so probably the dreamy sound comes from living a very laid back life, especially during the summer.

“We watch a lot of sunsets and enjoy the sea a lot. I also love the history of my country, which includes a lot of artistic buildings and cool scenery. 

“The scene in Malta is quite good, both event wise and also with lots of great producers as well. The underground scene is very small but it’s beginning to get more recognition from artists that are now releasing more music internationally.

“I also form a part and am the co-founder of a non-profit organisation called Electronic Music Malta. The aim of this organisation is to provide support and information for all Maltese electronic music engineers, innovators, artists and performers. Also the very important educational aspect of electronic music in general by holding lectures and workshops so people who want to explore this world of music can.

On playing live or DJing…

“I always play live or hybrid sets. Like any producer, I love to hear my work on a big sound system, which is also very useful for testing new stuff. Something which is really missed during this pandemic.

On being creative during the lockdown…

“I have always been productive, even when the pandemic was not happening but it definitely increased my productivity yes. 

“It’s something which really helped me find more of myself on both a personal level and also musically.

“I also found the time to start working on setting up my own label, which is called Wave Function, a dream of mine for quite some time now and is finally happening this year.

On his studio setup…

“I used to work solely on my laptop and headphones for a good number of years.

“Then I started to save up money to buy gear and a better monitor system to work on. Now I have my own place and studio which of course is great.

“The Moog Grandmother has to be both my favourite synth and a secret weapon! 

On upcoming projects…

“I will keep it a secret! But yes 🙂 

Visit Sound Synthesis on Bandcamp.

Visit Sound Synthesis’ release page.

Visit his Discogs here.

Visit his Youtube here.

Transmitted by Acid_303 from the Down Underground, where life riding cyber kangaroos is awesome.

Focus On: DJ Overdose

Enter the freaky soundscape of Jeroen Warmenhoven, DJ Overdose – one of the Netherlands’ electro champions. His hip-hop and cinema inspired machine funk brings a fresh take to the world of electro, giving us melancholic melodies and big drums that take the mind to inner-space and back – such as with his album ‘Emulator Armour’ on L.I.E.S. He runs RotterHague Records and is transmitting from his home in Rotterdam.

“I was born in The Hague but live in Rotterdam now. That’s why I put the cities together in the label’s name and release two artists on one record – the series is called ‘When cities collide’. That’s going to happen to Rotterdam and The Hague because they are growing towards each other. They’re so close already, like a 15-minute car ride.

“Back in the day, me and my friends would go out and buy records and visit each other to listen to all the new stuff. But I would be the one who was always a little bit too enthusiastic. I would go, ‘You gotta hear this, you gotta hear this, you gotta hear that…’ So, my friends would hear like 20 tracks in two minutes – and loud. It was like an overdose of music, and that’s why I chose to go with Overdose.

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Decoded Transmissions: May 2021

Tesseract-grade sonics as recommended by the underground.

Zeta Reticula – Formation of Life

Recommended by HBC

DJ D’ijital – Electro Hop II

Recommended by Kar

John Selway – Stars in the Gutter

Recommended by Last Ronin

Way Out West – Dancehall Tornado

Recommended by The Last Ronin

OM Unit – Treading Earth

Recommended by Pryx aka Dataphon

OCB – Corrupted Minds

Recommended by Dowson

Dopplereffekt – Telescope Array

Recommended by Acid_303

DJ Overdose – Kekko

Recommended by Hyperspace

Multipolar Scenarios – Obergman

Recommended by dead

Gosub – The key holder

Recommended by Narf

The fight against mediocre audio programming continues.