Focus On: Sound Synthesis

Awaken to the dreamy, acidic machine funk of Keith Farrugia aka Sound Synthesis, whose laidback take on electro has enraptured the ears of all good punters everywhere. His music brims with astral colours and can be found on labels such as Electro Records, Exalt Records, Fundamental Records and many more. He is transmitting from his home in Malta.

“Sound Synthesis started with the first release on Paul Blackford’s label Militant Science around 2009.

“I had other projects on going as well at the time where I was doing more ambient music, but I always was into electro as well.

“The name came from getting into the shaping of sounds, which is called sound synthesis. This is something that always fascinated me as I always saw it as a door to explore new possibilities in music.

“I never learned music theory or an instrument. I always composed music with what makes sense to my ears. I tend to find more freedom in expressing myself in that moment, when I really feel it, without any rules or music notations to follow.

“Of course, in recent years I have and am still studying some basic music theory as it will definitely help in the process. 

On Science Fiction’s connection to Electro…

“Well, they’re two things that go hand in hand for sure.

“I guess the idea of futuristic/scientific sounds is what makes it interesting, and also I see electro as a futuristic genre whatever the time or era we are in. They just naturally make sense to combine.

On approaching music and hardware or digital…

“I use both in my setup. It’s always good to mix it up. I usually produce by gut and what I am feeling at the time.

“Most of my music is written like that but I also find it interesting to follow a concept, researching new stuff, being inspired and always finding myself learning something new in the process. So I would say both.

On his sound…

“I really don’t know how to describe it, but it might sound dreamy most of the time.

“I really like to explore more darker sounds as well, depending on the mood. The aim for me is to always explore new possibilities in creating my own sound.

On inspiration…

“I am usually inspired by all that surrounds me, it could be listening to other people’s music, a day in nature with friends, travelling, a bad experience. Basically life and everything that’s in it is an inspiration in some way or another.  

On how his city shapes his music…

“Well, we live on an island here in Malta, so probably the dreamy sound comes from living a very laid back life, especially during the summer.

“We watch a lot of sunsets and enjoy the sea a lot. I also love the history of my country, which includes a lot of artistic buildings and cool scenery. 

“The scene in Malta is quite good, both event wise and also with lots of great producers as well. The underground scene is very small but it’s beginning to get more recognition from artists that are now releasing more music internationally.

“I also form a part and am the co-founder of a non-profit organisation called Electronic Music Malta. The aim of this organisation is to provide support and information for all Maltese electronic music engineers, innovators, artists and performers. Also the very important educational aspect of electronic music in general by holding lectures and workshops so people who want to explore this world of music can.

On playing live or DJing…

“I always play live or hybrid sets. Like any producer, I love to hear my work on a big sound system, which is also very useful for testing new stuff. Something which is really missed during this pandemic.

On being creative during the lockdown…

“I have always been productive, even when the pandemic was not happening but it definitely increased my productivity yes. 

“It’s something which really helped me find more of myself on both a personal level and also musically.

“I also found the time to start working on setting up my own label, which is called Wave Function, a dream of mine for quite some time now and is finally happening this year.

On his studio setup…

“I used to work solely on my laptop and headphones for a good number of years.

“Then I started to save up money to buy gear and a better monitor system to work on. Now I have my own place and studio which of course is great.

“The Moog Grandmother has to be both my favourite synth and a secret weapon! 

On upcoming projects…

“I will keep it a secret! But yes 🙂 

Visit Sound Synthesis on Bandcamp.

Visit Sound Synthesis’ release page.

Visit his Discogs here.

Visit his Youtube here.

Transmitted by Acid_303 from the Down Underground, where life riding cyber kangaroos is awesome.

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