Deep Space Transmission: Last Ronin

Your guide to deep space this week is none other than the Last Ronin – an Amsterdam-based electronaut and the progenitor of Electronic Tesseract. Like his samurai namesake, Ronin takes a bushido stance to spacious hypnotic electro, cutting tracks that bleed cool. Sit back for this one, young grasshopper, as Ronin takes you through a selection of electro delights with the all encompassing energy of utter machine funk.

Last Ronin: @jean-baptiste-clamence

Station HOME:


Nebenprodukt – Biopolymer
VC-118a – Enter
Inward Content – Quantum Mechanics
ERP – Noetic
Charlie – Spacer Woman
Duplex – Machines and Tapes
Kuldaboli – Lazer Tag
Aux88 – Electro in Key of Funk
Lee – Andromeda
Sound Synthesis – Waiting Rooms
Collin Sullivan – Chromatic Dispersion
Cyan85 – Bay of Sampieri
Alek Stark – Halo 6 (Heinrich Mueller Remix)
London Modular Alliance – Remainder
Sansibar – Glide TIl Dawn
Le Car – 20/20
Kuldaboli – Yuri Gagarin
Africa HiTech – Light the way
Mystic Tribe A.I. – Telepathic Seduction

This transmission was initiated by Decoder.

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